Thou Shall Be Sexy – Can a Christian woman be sexy?


Thou Shall Be Sexy

The female anatomy should be worshiped. And before you “too-saved” folks start quoting scripture about false idols and what not, please read the Song of Solomon in the Bible…or at least purchase T.D. Jakes Sacred Love. However, this brings up a few questions. How sexy can a woman be? Can a Christian woman be sexy?

According to those who criticized Erica Campbell for wearing an elongated turtle neck–NO! A woman, especially a Christian woman, cannot be sexy. Even Bill O’Reily agrees. A married woman cannot tell the driver roll up the partition please. Even if she does, she must pretend like she doesn’t because of this whole slut-shaming thing.


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As a man, it’s hard for me to understand all the intricacies of feminism. Yes, I fully expect my wife to be sexy and enjoy my sexual prowess (because that’s what it’s made for). But even before we marry, we have to have a mutual sexual attraction. (Sorry Apostle Stacy Woods, but your church suit from and flowery corsage from Michaels Arts & Crafts doesn’t rev up my engine.)

Now, “church-shaming” isn’t a new phenomenon. Before little girls start physically maturing, they’re already being labeled “fast” and “womanish.” At young ages, they are told to police their behavior in front of men, because boys are equally raised and taught that their sexual behavior is more acceptable than a girl’s. “Sow your royal oats” and “play on playa” are common mantras taught to boys. So, if a woman shows her knee-caps (no matter how nubby they are), accentuate her curves (no matter how thin her spandex is stretched), or bat her eye lashes (no matter if they came from a cow), she’s provoking a man to ravage her body to her own fault.

But this brings up another concern, how sexy can a woman be before she enters the Kim Kardashian/Mimi Faust league? Not that they are, but let’s not pretend whores don’t exist. You don’t have to look far and wide for a hoe. You can find a hoe at the corner store, the church and even in the Bible. And being a hoe isn’t gender-specific either. (Shout out to Ray J!) But at what point does a woman’s sexuality turns into whoredom. I mean people are becoming infamous off of their “whore-ish” antics, both white and black, on a daily basis. I know some of you folks are giving Mimi a shower-curtain-pull-up pass for her sexual acrobatics. (She deserves a gold medal. #TeamUSA.) But to compare Mimi’s right to showcase her bench-pressing skills on-camera to the historical, inhumane objectification of black female sexuality is ILLOGICAL. I’m sure Sally Hemings doesn’t want her struggle to be compared with Mimi’s. Note to all: There’s a strong difference between expressive sexuality and straight-up exploitation. But is that difference debatable?

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