Thou Shall Not Judge The Fictional Thot – How To Be Open-Minded?

Thou Shall Not Judge The Fictional THOT

The pass two months have been really tough for me. Yes…Scandal isn’t on. I remember the anxiety hit when I was attacked by a pillar of #blacktwitter while discussing whether or not the image of Olivia Pope is empowering to women, a subject I’m over ad nauseam. (Follow my social networks to get the scoop: sugarcaneslim.) I made the fallacy of bringing women of the Caucasian persuasion into the picture. I mean, I doubt anyone is arguing whether women should look up to Peggy Olson from Mad Men as “empowering.” (Hell! Why do I, a man, even think my opinion would be respected by women? Ladies be trippin’.)

Only bougie/pseudo-intellectuals criticize the way the media portray FAKE characters and then turn-around and debate whether these FAKE characters are role model worthy. Just because you have traveled the globe twice, drink Berry Bros. & Rudd wine, go skiing in the summer, attended a few Broadway shows and live in a gentrified neighborhood doesn’t mean you’re open-minded. Being open-minded goes beyond your social and economical stratosphere. It’s when you’re comfortable with being uncomfortable–not wasting your time with silly protests, especially when there are more important things to worry about.

You see, people tend to blur the line between real and fake, Olivia Pope and Kerri WashingtonMary Jane and Gabrielle Union. And I’m sure these women are far from perfect in their real lives also. Besides, a perfect character/person would be BORING and one-dimensional. Sure, there’s Claire Huxtable, but she was a part of a 20 min situational sitcom, whose main focus was raising imperfect children. Her level of perfection was a part of the comedic relief she brought to the table as a black lawyer and mother. In addition, the irony of The Cosby Show being based off the life of a man who didn’t actually go to college, and who has recently used his new social status to demonize and condemn lower-class black people  is proof that even with prestige, you can still lack an open-mind.

Bill Cosby High

I will just store this incident into the files of “When Bougie Black People Attack.”

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