The Trolling of America & American Media

Josh Hawley, Ted Cruz, Margaret Taylor Greene Are Trolls

There are several factors that drive trolling – seeking attention or a reaction in a provocative and ostentatious manner. There are two things that a troll needs to survive – attention and a platform. We finally got rid of one of America’s biggest trolls. He’s been devoid of a platform, and most mentions of him are about his criminality. Now, we have to contend with aspiring trolls, thirsty to garner their own troll credentials by grabbing attention through their own platforms.

Sure, none of these scoundrels are as charismatic and manipulative as their master. For the most part, they are elite intellectuals who originally thought draping themselves in the cloak of conservative prestige would be their path to power – not two divorces, bankruptcies, accusations of tax evasion and colluded foreign interference. But it’s still important to keep an eye on these scoundrels. More importantly, keep an eye on how the media covers them and how the public reacts to the coverage.

None of these fools will be president. No matter how hard they try to put their legs into that former president’s high-waisted and wide-legged clown pants – it just won’t fit. Yet, you can’t ignore the intent to manipulate the media into raising their profile among a has-been’s rabid base of voters. And it appears to be working for one of the sycophants.

I’m amused at how easy it is to troll the media in a post-2016 world.  Of course, there’s this desire to really understand such bizarre behavior. I mean, I too have been enticed by Vice News series and documentaries on extremism – their forte. But when has the media normalized foreign terrorist organizations with such “thought-provoking” investigation?

There’s something about terrorism cloaked in whiteness that stokes American media’s curiosity. Hate draped in Americana and false patriotism is something that needs to be reasonably understood, according to the media. *shrugs* However, we should not be distracted by a trolls’ bizarre behavior. We shouldn’t even mock it. Racism is bizarre. There’s nothing logical about racism. I repeat, there is nothing logical about racism. Racist conspiracy theorists being elected into office isn’t some new phenomenon. And the more we cover these people as serious threats from a historical perspective (instead of a reality show of clowns), maybe, just maybe, we’ll start taking white domestic terrorism as a serious threat that has always existed and has always resulted in dire consequences.