The Objectification of Nicki Minaj: Why Chuck Creekmur Has A Point

The Objectification of Nicki Minaj

Before I start, DISCLAIMER: Nicki Minaj has EVERY right to show her ass. But is she objectifying black women’s asset the same way Miley Cyrus has?

As mentioned before, Nicki Minaj has every right to objectify herself. And this post isn’t about women expressing themselves sexually. I’ve already expressed that they can. But when you’re squatting with your “allegedly” surgically-altered posterior on a product for sale for $1.99, isn’t it reminiscent of Hottentot Venus? Which is why I don’t understand why black women took Chuck Creekmur to task for questioning Nicki’s motives. Sure, rappers have objectified women before. And sure, male rappers have objectified themselves before. ┬áBut never to Nicki’s extent. I mean LL Cool J nor Big Daddy Kane has ever wore an elongated jock strap with the word “Mandingo” plastered on a $1.99 product. Chuck’s open letter wasn’t a double standard nor a misogynist attempt at slut-shaming Nicki Minaj. It was an open and honest inquiry about Nicki’s motives. Is she objectifying the black female physique, the same way white people and black men have done historically?

Nicki Minaj Spanking Dat Ass

Miley Cyrus Spanking Dat Ass