Moonlight Was the Oscar Win America Needed

Last year was the year all of the world’s beloved was like, “Yo, I’m out.” The Ls we took include losing Prince, Muhammed Ali and of course, America. 2017 was with the shits too. George Michael saw the foolishness that was coming and decided to BREXIT. There was no reason to not think that there would be more. This is why Moonlight’s wins at the Oscars gave solace that 2017 may not be as bad after all.

After losing Sir George Michael, the shit show that is 2017 was for it. It was on January 20th that 2017 confirmed that it was here to eff shit up routinely. We saw the signs, but we refused to acknowledge it. So, we consoled ourselves through memes, and we frivolously threw our money at GoFundMe sponsored recounts. To no avail, 2017 wouldn’t let up. January 20th came and brought in its alt-facts and Russian cabinet figures. We the people looked for a sign of hope.

That hope came to fruition through the Superbowl. Two despised teams going to the Superbowl. It literally felt like choosing between the “lesser of two evils.” But I knew I had to do what I had to do. It was a choice between Trump supporters and John Lewis’s hometown. I kept my vote to myself but secretly and reluctantly wanted to see the Dirty Birds win. It was like John Lewis was being vindicated. We were leading the game by 20+ points. Then here comes the devil playing with our emotions again.

So, we moved on to the Grammys. Man, we just knew we were going to bring this one to the “end zone.” Queen Bey in all your glory was here to let these heaxues know, being the first Black woman to win Album of the year since Lauryn Hill. That’s right, that would be 20+ years since a Black woman won the award. And the cherry on top would be that this was a visual album tailored and centered around Blackness and most importantly Black Women. Plus, this Black woman was preggars with twins. There was no way we weren’t walking away with a win. However, the devil said, “Nah….” The award was given ironically to a White woman that sings music created by Black people. Eh…okay…Adele is talented…most of the time.

Then our faith was restored. This was the supposed to be the Blackest Oscars ever. Now, I don’t usually care for the Oscars. It’s the most boring awards show ever. But after watching The Walking Dead, my spirit wouldn’t let me rest. We were off to a good start. Annalise Keating limped on stage to inform us, “I did not come to play with you heauxes…Bitch I came to act.” The cast of Hidden Figures, along with Katherine Johnson, led the audience in the recitation of Remy Ma’s “Shether.” And Barry Jenkins and Tarell Alvin McCraney sang the Negro National Anthem after winning Best Screenplay. But as the night continued, the devil was back at his old tricks. Denzel Washington was robbed of Best Actor and La La Land was winning awards no one cared about. Then it happened! After falsely announcing La La Land as winners for Best Picture, God BLOCKED IT! He wouldn’t let it be so. No! Moonlight got the victory! In the words of Fantasia Barrino, “Sometimes you gotta loose, to win again.” Here’s to a new change of fate in 2017.