Janet Jackson’s 10 Top Sexiest Songs

Janet Jackson 10 Top Sexiest Songs

After being missing for 7 years, Janet Jackson is back at it. Ever since the #ConversationsInACafe teaser was released, many have been speculating what will be the sound. What will Ms. Jackson talk about? Let’s hope it’s sex.

In the beginning, Ms. Jackson’s image was borderline A-sexual and the abstinence anthem “Let’s Wait Awhile” fortified that image. However, by her 5th album, Ms. Jackson (because I’m nasty) began to educate us, in detail, about her sexual desires. And with her recent seductive singles “No Sleeep” (“so you better get ready, my king / cause I’ma be the queen of insomnia“) and “Unbreakable” (“I dedicate myself to you“), it appears that Ms. Jackson is on a mission to continue to musically seduce us. Here are Ms. Jackson’s 10 top sexiest songs:

10.“Feel So Right”

Janet Jackson - All For You

This song RIGHT CHE’ is definitely an unspoken CLASSIC! Often overused has a descriptor for old-folks music, this song reinvigorates the definition of “grown & sexy.” It’s smooth enough to ease the older listener. Yet, it has enough spunk for aging millennials  to vibe to. Its breezy attitude will provoke both the young and old to 2-step in cohesion with their love one(s).  YouTube this song, and you’ll find a plethora of choreographed line dances to this song. This is absolutely for the steppers.

Sexiest line: “Feels so right kissing you”


9.“My Need”

“My Need” is a thirsty song. Not in a bad sense. It’s a longing thirst. Taken from Ms. Jackson’s best and most comprehensive album The Velvet Rope, this song personifies how sexually and emotionally deprived Ms. Jackson felt during this era. Dealing with body issues and depression, this song goes beyond emphasizing her carnal desires. It amplifies her desire to be desired as heard in the vamp: “I need you, like the flowers need the rain / I need you, like the blues needs the pain.”

Sexiest line: “I just want you inside, baby”



Continuing her longings is “Anything” from The Velvet Rope. Ms. Jackson may get a lot of flak for whispering, but her cooing and breathy soprano eases the inner beast on this song. Its vocal production exemplifies her lush vocal harmonies, laying the framework for singers like Brandy. I can feel her aura throughout this entire joint…and it’s minty blue.

Sexiest line: “I’ll satisfy you”


7.“Take Care”

This song is often overlooked when mentioning Ms. Jackson’s best bedroom jams, largely because of the album it’s on, 20 Y.O. That album is so stuffed with cliché ’00 pop sounds that it secretes Jermaine Dupri. Nevertheless, it breathes when Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis take helm of the production board, especially on this song. Every man should take care of their mate. And on this song, Ms. Jackson shows them how. (Again, pay attention to those vocal harmonies as it takes you on a musical roller coaster twisting between keys, particularly during the bridge.)

Sexiest line: “I’ll lay here and take care of it ’til you come home to me”


6.“Rope Burn”

“Mmm. . .my lips hurt.” The opening line that starts it off. “Rope Burn” is a slick, funk number where the theatrical organ interplays with the throbbing bass. (Zane much?) Bondage is the theme, full of friction leading to a slippery slope of candle wax, pleasure…and pain.

Sexiest line: “You wanna know what my tongue feels like? “


5.“That’s The Way Love Goes”

Ahhhhh! On her previous albums, we were briefly invited into Ms. Jackson’s bedroom with songs like “Funny How Time Flies (When You’re Having Fun)” and “Someday Is Tonight.” However, most of her time was spent rebuking boys for their unsolicited sexual advances. “No, my first name ain’t Baby. It’s Janet… Ms. Jackson if you’re nasty!” Then here comes “That’s The Way Love Goes” dropping the Ms. Jackson and introducing us to simply Janet.

This song was part trip hop, part R&B and laid the framework for newer genres like neo-soul and that eerie-R&B sound we hear today from artist like Frank Ocean and The Weeknd. Yes, this song is an astonishing study of love-making. And it continues to stand the test of time.

Sexiest line: “Go deeper, baby deeper / You feel so good I’m gonna cry”


4.“Any Time, Any Place (R. Kelly Remix)”

This song caused every celebrity to start “leaking” their sex tapes, unafraid of the voyeuristic stares. (Thank you Kim Kardashian!) It vividly paints a picture for us voyeurs–public sex. The staccato chord breaks in the original version are nice. (Nice enough for Kendrick Lamar to sample.) But there’s something about the groove of the remix, slow-cooked by R. Kelly, that makes me want to wine and grind. (And if you’re about that life, check out the chopped-and-screwed version.)

Sexiest line: “Any time, and any place I don’t care who’s around”



Mmmm!!! MY, MY, MY!!!  There’s not much you can say about this song without using an expression. This song is the 50 Shades of Grey so many men long for.

Ms. Jackson has committed a crime and needs to be punished. And our “Masochistic Beauty” doesn’t hold back as she is sentenced for her crime. She coos, “Daddy make me cry.” (Note: To ease the forthcoming pain, listen to the interlude “The Meaning” first as Ms. Jackson recites the definition of “discipline,” while moaning.)

Sexiest line: “Take out your frustrations on me”


2.“Warmth” / “Moist”

Anytime you hear a thunder storm on a Janet Jackson record, you know it’s about to go down. And its surely going down, literally, on this song. On “Warmth,” Ms. Jackson, respectfully and ever so politely, lets us know what that mouth do. But it’s the last 30 seconds of the song that peaks my interest as she whispers, “Now, it’s my turn.” This is why it’s so necessary to play “Moist” right after “Warmth.” Their relationship is mutual. So, get your scuba gear in tow because it’s about to flood.

Sexiest line: “But nothing can compare to, the warmth of my mouth” and “Sucking on my (mmm) with ice in your mouth”


1.“Would You Mind”

I actually came into contact with this song through a gif set of Ms. Jackson doing all kinds acrobatics to a bonded fan. Me doing my investigative work, I googled the image. (Thanks Nev from Catfish.) And she was actually performing a song from her 1st post-divorce album All For You. Wait…I don’t remember this song? Is it a hidden bonus track? Was there a reissue? Up until recently, this song wasn’t even on Spotify. It was omitted because of its “explicit” lyrics. Can you believe that?

Ms. Jackson’s lyrics have a strong sexual innuendo, relying heavily on metaphors, expressions and moans. Yet, her lyrics are subtle compared to the obnoxious “pussy on fleek” type of lyrics found in current music. Still, “Would You Mind” pushes the envelope without opening it. Nothing compared to the current harsh and misogynistic lyrics found in R&B these days.

Sexiest line: “Baby would you mind coming inside of me, letting your juices free” (Now, that’s some metaphorical innuendo for that ass!)


Bonus: “What’s It’s Gonna Be”

Technically, a Busta Rhymes’ song. But how can you ignore “What’s It’s Gonna Be” with lyrics like “gonna make, gonna make, gonna make your body wet” and that wah wah guitar. And that video….the way Janet was dodging those [liquid] shots…so, much sexual innuendo in that thing. My type of you woman…You betta dodge that [pecan] Ms. Jackson…DODGE! (Euphemisms on deck!)