Hillary Clinton Supporters Come Out of the Closet in Support of Bipartisan Pragmatism

The Democratic National Convention ended. We dreaded anticipated President Barack Obama’s farewell speech, and we looked for some sign of humanity from Robot 476469-10 aka Hillary Rodham Clinton (HRC). Did she succeed? Did the Obama-Clinton coalition solidify their legacy in American Politics?

Yes, and yes. So, I went into the convention….well, I actually watched it from home. (Never buy tickets from a connect named DeQuan.) I had high expectations. I wanted. Scratch that, I NEEDED the DNC to be a stark contrast to the hate fest that was the RNC. Right now, there’s a strong pull for our nation to be either or—a world where both the Left and the Right spend most of their time antagonizing one another instead of working together. The Left pretentiously exacerbates intelligence as though they have complete control over intellectual thought while the Right lambasts in illogical rebuttals based on xenophobia. I needed to hear our next president speak on unity and comprehensive progress rather than rebuking their opponent. And I got it from the DNC…for the most part.

Attendance at the DNC was the first recognizable difference. Black women were in charge throughout the entire event. (President HRC’s cabinet will be LIT!!!!) And there were members of every other community represented, from the disabled to the LGBTQ. There was even a prolific dragging by someone from the Muslim community that got Donald Trump’s lacefront snatched all kind of ways. Of course, Trump went to twitter to emote his displeasure.

Although the theme was “Unity.” It should have actually been “CTRL + ALT + DEL” or “You’ve Got Email.” The convention started with the annoying liberals, booing any mention of HRC. The DNC leaks didn’t help either, even though their candidate of choice, Bernie Sanders lost significantly regardless of who emailed who what. They booed a civil rights legend, veterans; they even booed Jesus. I must say that Bernie Sander’s supporters don’t help in eliminating the stereotype that Millennials are whiny. As Sarah Silverman stated, “You’re being ridiculous.” And that’s a lot comping from someone who’s notorious for being ridiculous.

But leave it to the Obama-Clinton coalition to come bring the party together…as much as possible. It seemed like all HRC supporters were allowed to boisterously announce their support of her candidacy—free of unreasonable attacks from the Bernie Bros. Michelle Obama re-appropriated her intellect from Melania Trump. Bill Clinton pulled out HRC’s receipts from her days working civil rights cases to fighting for 9/11 survivors. And President Obama solidified his legacy as a centrist/bi-partisan president signifying that HRC is the next president to completely define what it means to be a New Democrat.

However, we were eagerly anticipating the speech from the potential female president of the United States of America. Here comes Hillary Rodham Clinton in her Lisa Raye-crisp-pressed-and-relaxed-heavenly white suite like she was about to bring the Word on Resurrection Sunday. She talked about sweating the details (as you can see with that suit). She talked about a united America. She demonstrated her strength after surviving attacks from the Right for being too involved as a women and for being too much of a corporate centrist from the Left. Did I walk away feeling all warm and fuzzy? No. Did I walk away feeling like I voted for the right person? Yes. Hillary is not ever going to be the president “you want to get a beer with.” But she’ll be the progressive that’ll get things done—even if it’s slow and steady.

P.S. Yo, shoutout to Donna Braziles’ Milly Rock. You made Louisiana proud.