What You Gone Do DNC???? – My Brief Review of the RNC

So, the RNC is doing what they normally do. Using religion, racism and homophia to scare people into voting for them. They pulled out all the typical phrases “we’re the party of Lincoln,” “we freed the slaves” and what not. Then there were the typical “I have a black friend” tokens—Sheriff David Clarke and some pastor. (File this pastor under the folder “False Prophets” next to Pat Robertson. The guy who prophe-lied and said God told him Mitt Romney would be president.) They even named Omarosa, the perpetual troll, the Director of “I have two black friends” Outreach or some other bullshit titular role. Too bad they didn’t pay attention to how the RNC put Allen Keyes and Michael Steele (one of the few reasonable Black Republicans) out to pasture. The only speeches worth listening to were from the co-founder of PayPal (he pulled their card) and believe it or not, Donald Trump‘s children. (I refuse to believe Donald Trump raised those children and not some nanny of color named Bula Mae or Maria Manuela Lopez. “There goes my African American.”)

And BABY WHEN I TELL YOU!!!! Ted Cruz you’re nothing more than an Evangelical Judas Iscariot. Ben Carson would describe you as the semen that was used to conceive Lucifer. (Damn those ity bity swimmers!!!) Yet, somehow I admire your shadiness. Where was this during the primary? Too little, too late. And Donald Trump, you can actually read and spew hate and vile from a teleprompter. Bravo!

However, I’m more interested in what the DNC will do. This is the convention that has me on pins and needles. Look, I see the country becoming more polarized every day on the Right AND Left. The far Left believe in this purist, false altruistic ideology. If you don’t agree with them, you’re intellectually inferior, which feeds into their pretentious ego. (I’m shading you Cornel West.) They would prefer anarchy rather than any bipartisan compromise, which makes them obstructionist like the Tea Party of the far Right. HRC has already began to reach out to the other side and has allowed them to have a significant say in the Democrat’s platform. But Bernie Sanders and his cohorts may have sparked the flame that can lead to an obstructionist Left. You know…the #BernieOrBust movement. But let’s see if the speakers at this convention will have a vision of a unity rather than polarizing fear.