When The Destruction of Black Bodies Become An Exhibit

I can remember watching a video about the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina becoming a spectator’s sport of pain via hurricane tours. I didn’t completely understand. Of course, people want to fully assess the damage that happened. I did too. Even though I attended college in New Orleans, the lower 9th (nor the West Bank) wasn’t […]

The Church of Betty Wright

Bessie Regina Norris, utterly known as Betty Wright, is a minister of soul music, and you must take heed to her negro spirituals. It’s almost blasphemous to call Deaconess Betty Wright a girl. However, that’s literally what she was when she started her career – a girl. One of her first records was “Girls Can’t […]

America – Shit Never Was Civil

When pundits wag their fingers about civility in response to boos Last month, the current occupant of the White House was booed not once – but twice. Then First Lady Melania Trump was booed…at a youth summit…about opioids…in Baltimore. After such “humiliation,” pundits did what they do best – pontificate about civility. Vanilla punditry always […]

What Is the Black Agenda?

When the subject of a “Black agenda” comes up, it’s often presented as an ask rather than an explicit demand. Asking politicians what’s their agenda for Black America is totally different from proposing an agenda and asking politicians how do they plan to get it done. I recently visited the Museum of Civil & Human […]

Democrats, When They Go Low, We Go High And Chin Check Them

“When they go low, we go high.” These words spoken by our magnificent first lady became the unofficial mantra of the Democratic campaign for 2017. It’s meaning—to fly far above the fray, dust the dirt off your shoulders, and to not grovel with the swine of the earth. However, there’s a missing part to this statement. […]

Why Black Barbershops Ain’t Shit

The concept of the black barbershop being the center of black male-bonding is a popular mantra within black culture. This phenomenon has been captured through pop culture through the Barbershop movie series and even news segments where news anchors frivolously try to understand Black folk within a 5-minute segment. You want to know what’s happening […]

Dear Colin Kaepernick, Stand Your Ass Up

Dear Colin Kaepernick, I recently watched a show called Queen Sugar on OWN, Oprah’s channel. Have you heard of it? It’s awesome! Anyway, there’s a character on that show that shows the complexity of activism in a modern world. Nova Bordelon, played by Rutina Wesley, is the eldest of her siblings and fits into all […]