#DrakeAlwaysOnBeat As He Cha-Chas In Hotline Bling

If you’ve noticed by reading this blog (that’s if you know how to read), Drake is having the best year ever. He’s leading the charge for the light-skin revolution, has Mother Earth (Erykah Badu) singing on his “Hotline Bling.” And now he’s the leading choreographer for Dancing With The Stars. See the top remakes of […]

Janet Jackson’s 10 Top Sexiest Songs

After being missing for 7 years, Janet Jackson is back at it. Ever since the #ConversationsInACafe teaser was released, many have been speculating what will be the sound. What will Ms. Jackson talk about? Let’s hope it’s sex.

Thou Shall Be Sexy – Can a Christian woman be sexy?

  The female anatomy should be worshiped. And before you “too-saved” folks start quoting scripture about false idols and what not, please read the Song of Solomon in the Bible…or at least purchase T.D. Jakes Sacred Love. However, this brings up a few questions. How sexy can a woman be? Can a Christian woman be […]