What You Gone Do DNC???? – My Brief Review of the RNC

So, the RNC is doing what they normally do. Using religion, racism and homophia to scare people into voting for them. They pulled out all the typical phrases “we’re the party of Lincoln,” “we freed the slaves” and what not. Then there were the typical “I have a black friend” tokens—Sheriff David Clarke and some […]

Things Bernie Sanders Should Do After Losing the Nomination

At this point, there’s nothing more that Bernie Sanders can do to be President. After winning the delegate count and popular vote, Hillary Clinton has officially been endorsed by the beloved Senator Elizabeth Warren, Vice President Joe Biden and President Barack Obama. Yet, Bernie is still pushing forward. Just when you think his campaign is […]

#TooBrokeNOTToVote – A Response to Nick Cannon

I recently ran across a video by media mogul Nick Cannon titled “Too Broke to Vote.” There was Nick Cannon a young black man, draped in American regalia standing in front of an election poll painting our current political landscape. In essence, he was insinuating that America’s current voting process is bought and/or pre-determined and […]

Black Liberalism – White Liberal Racism Masked In Black Skin

If you’re a black person climbing the economic, you’ve probably encountered White Liberal Racism. This form of racism is less “I hate Black people” and more like “Black people are interesting, let me save them” racism. This form of racism isn’t always apparent. Often buzzwords like “microagressions” or “cultural appropriation” are used to describe them. […]

Why Ben Carson Is My Top 5 Favorite Rapper

In case you haven’t heard, Ben Carson freestyled on you heauxes this week. The problematic Republican presidential candidate decided that he needed the young Negro vote. What better way to reach that audience than through some hippity hop music? Here’s why Ben Carson has solidified his position in my top 5 favorite rappers of all […]

How Raven-Symoné Is Effing Up The Light-Skin Revolution

The fact that I have to copy and paste “é” to get the accent mark on top of the “e” is a ghetto-name problem in and of itself. But, here it goes… Beyoncé, Barack, Condoleezza, Oprah and Shaquille are all unemployable according to Raven (hyphenated) Symoné (pronounced Simone). Look. I’m not going to go through […]

7 Type of Black Folk You’ll Meet at a PWI

There’s much debate on whether the experience of attending a HBCU (historically black college or university) is a more fulfilling than attending a PWI (predominately white institution). If we’re all honest with ourselves, deep, deep down in our secrets of hearts and maybe unknowingly, we’re jealous of each other…Okay, I’m jealous. I attended a PWI […]