Dear Tom Steyer, Can You Not?

  Dear Tom Steyer, I see your billion-dollar ads for impeachment, and I’m intrigued. What’s your motive? I know that you’re a smart business man and an environmental activist. Sure, there are other billionaires whose motives range from pure to illumanatic. And avoiding the George Soros conspiracy theories, you’ve taken a front-facing approach with a […]

Things Black People Should Be Doing Politically Under Trump

  We live in a world of fabricated-fake outrage that is only appeased with more fabricated news or conciliatory prizes. The current president can tweet just about anything. Pocahontas is kneeling while burning a flag. Roy Moore isn’t as bad as R. Kelly. Tiffany Trump is my favorite child. All tall tales that suck us […]

It’s Time to Reframe How We View Crackheads

In case, you’ve been living under a rock. Atlanta is had a bit of a traffic nightmare. On March 30, I was riding home, and took the exit to I-85 N. Right, when I was about to pass the exit for Buford Hwy, traffic came to a halt. What appeared to be smoke coming from […]

A Black Person’s Guide To Fighting Trump

Say it with me, Donald Trump is our next president. Give yourself five seconds to digest and accept that. Now, I know, your immediate reaction was to run for the Canadian border. But that’s not the right move. Really, how many woes (whoadies if you’re from New Orleans) are there really chillin’ in the 6? […]

Why Third-Parties Never Work: A Case for Why Marc Lamont Is Wrong

Current Black intellectuals tend to skew to the liberal side of things. From the ancient thoughts of Cornel West (tuh!) to the Millennial-enticing Ta-Nehisi Coates, Melissa Perris-Harry, Michelle Alexander and Marc Lamont Hill, these modern philosophers tend to skew far left compared to the general African American community. Why? I don’t know. Maybe because “centrist” […]

What You Gone Do DNC???? – My Brief Review of the RNC

So, the RNC is doing what they normally do. Using religion, racism and homophia to scare people into voting for them. They pulled out all the typical phrases “we’re the party of Lincoln,” “we freed the slaves” and what not. Then there were the typical “I have a black friend” tokens—Sheriff David Clarke and some […]

Things Bernie Sanders Should Do After Losing the Nomination

At this point, there’s nothing more that Bernie Sanders can do to be President. After winning the delegate count and popular vote, Hillary Clinton has officially been endorsed by the beloved Senator Elizabeth Warren, Vice President Joe Biden and President Barack Obama. Yet, Bernie is still pushing forward. Just when you think his campaign is […]