Discovering The Spiritual Duality of Prince

There’s been a plethora of Prince tributes that have floated around the Internet, with the most beautiful one coming from Erykah Badu. In her tribute, she recalled her many interactions with The Purple One. One of those was when her mother asked Prince to sign a copy of his Dirty Mind album. He protested. “He wasn’t […]

Why Ben Carson Is My Top 5 Favorite Rapper

In case you haven’t heard, Ben Carson freestyled on you heauxes this week. The problematic Republican presidential candidate decided that he needed the young Negro vote. What better way to reach that audience than through some hippity hop music? Here’s why Ben Carson has solidified his position in my top 5 favorite rappers of all […]

#DrakeAlwaysOnBeat As He Cha-Chas In Hotline Bling

If you’ve noticed by reading this blog (that’s if you know how to read), Drake is having the best year ever. He’s leading the charge for the light-skin revolution, has Mother Earth (Erykah Badu) singing on his “Hotline Bling.” And now he’s the leading choreographer for Dancing With The Stars. See the top remakes of […]

How Raven-Symoné Is Effing Up The Light-Skin Revolution

The fact that I have to copy and paste “é” to get the accent mark on top of the “e” is a ghetto-name problem in and of itself. But, here it goes… Beyoncé, Barack, Condoleezza, Oprah and Shaquille are all unemployable according to Raven (hyphenated) Symoné (pronounced Simone). Look. I’m not going to go through […]

5 Subjects More Worthy of a Think Piece Than The Kardashians Being Called America’s First Family On October 4, 2015 9:07 PM, the flimsy magazine, Cosmopolitan, proclaimed the ubiquitous Kardashians to be America’s First Family…and the apocalypse happened. A year from this date, the Kardashians will be on the History Channel‘s “This Day In History.” Not because of some ground-breaking act or accomplishment, but because overly zealous think pieces. Here […]