Obituary for Nicki Minaj’s Rap Career

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to honor the dearly departed Nicki Minaj’s rap career. After seven days of brain damage, Nicki Minaj’s rap career went on to glory. Let’s celebrate her run as the Queen of Rap before her career transitions on to pop stardom Glory Greens with Iggy Azalea’s.

Moonlight Was the Oscar Win America Needed

Last year was the year all of the world’s beloved was like, “Yo, I’m out.” The Ls we took include losing Prince, Muhammed Ali and of course, America. 2017 was with the shits too. George Michael saw the foolishness that was coming and decided to BREXIT. There was no reason to not think that there […]

How Chance The Rapper and D.R.A.M. Helped Me Find My #BlackBoyJoy

I attended a concert last month. Let me rephrase that. I went to participate in an experience last month. A joyous experience. There were puppets exclaiming “you don’t want no problems big fella” while also proclaiming “how great is our God” all within a two-hour time span. That experience was #blackboyjoy.

How The Comedy In Survivor’s Remorse Makes Me Think

Thirty minute comedies often fall into two generic tropes—cheesy family-funny or slap-stick funny. And with Mike Epps as a part of the initial cast of Survivor’s Remorse, I was expecting either a “just another day in the life of Day Day” from Next Friday or a clumsy “I’m safe but not safe for the kids” […]