Can The Game’s Revealing Eggplant Photo End Reverse-Sexism?

Can The Game's Revealing Eggplant Photo End Reverse-Sexism?

In case you’ve been sleep, the Internet broke AGAIN last night, when The Game revived #EggplantFriday. But the deeper question is can a dick print end reverse-sexism? Black men, we are kings. We are more than our dick prints.

It seems like the image of the black male is being attacked by women. Black men are being reduced to their genitalia. Besides Ray J and Soulja Boy, who are black men suppose to look up to? Who will be role models for our young black and brown boys? Bill Cosby just isn’t enough.

Apparently, Minister Farrakhan agrees. In an interview he protested, “One of The Game’s girlfriends need to tell him to put some clothes on.  Women don’t know how to control themselves when they see a dick print. How do you expect them to function? They turn into animals.”

After a barrage of negative feedback in the press and sexist comments by women on his Instagram account, The Game issued a statement via his account:

I am appalled that I am reduced to a walking penis. Ladies, I am NOT a walking dildo. I am offended by the amount of criticism I am receiving. I want young black men to not be afraid of sex and to own their sexuality. This is why I’m organizing a male-THOT walk. I want to stop reverse-sexism and tell men we are more than our Instagram thirst-traps.

Let’s hope The Game’s intentions are pure with this “male-THOT walk.”