Black Liberalism – White Liberal Racism Masked In Black Skin

Black Liberalism – White Liberal Racism Dipped Masked In Black Skin

If you’re a black person climbing the economic, you’ve probably encountered White Liberal Racism. This form of racism is less “I hate Black people” and more like “Black people are interesting, let me save them” racism. This form of racism isn’t always apparent. Often buzzwords like “microagressions” or “cultural appropriation” are used to describe them. You’ll encounter White Liberal Racism a lot more now with the ascension of Senator Bernie Sanders. Enter condescending rhetoric on why black people should support Bernie Sanders or even more condescending rhetoric on why black people are voting for Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders. This brand of White Liberal Racism often falls into two basic stances. “Black people are less educated. Therefore, they don’t know what’s best for them.” “How dare you vote against your own interests as an African-American woman. I expected you would be smarter than that,” as witnessed by Democrat superdelegate Akilah Ross Ensley. You may think Clementine from the creative department can’t possibly be racist. He drives a Volvo. Supports gay marriage. Is an environmentalist. And most of all, HE BARACKED THE VOTE…TWICE. Yet, he’s a white male that gauges his privilege for the “less fortunate” as long as the “less fortunate” remain “less fortunate” than he is. But enough on Berniesplaining. White liberal racism isn’t anything new. What is more dangerous is White Liberal Racism masked by Black and Brown skin.

This is not an attack on Bernie Sanders. Nor is it an outright endorsement of Hillary Clinton. I agree with over 80% of both candidates’ policies. Bernie is vital for this presidential race. His campaign has forced Hillary Clinton to lean more towards the left and Hillary Clinton has even forced the Senator from the white liberal haven of Vermont to be more “black.” The more candidates vetting for the black vote, the better. However, black liberals don’t seem to think so. Here are sure signs that’ll help you determine if you’re dealing with White Liberal Racism masked in Black Skin:

No context. Everything is either Black or White. No Grey Or Even Off-White.

The Internet has allowed us to do our own independent research and form our own conclusions. The Internet has also made it extremely easy to pick and choose pieces of information to believe. This can be proven with the controversial Crime Bill. The 90s saw the emergence of the New Democrat. Democrats who were liberal, or appeared to be liberal, on social issues and also tough on crime and spending. Bill Clinton entered office with a Republican controlled House and Senate. Sounds familiar? Crime has always been a tool to scare middle-class and rural white folk, especially with the crack epidemic and the rise of gangs. And what is crime often associated with? Young black men. However, many older, prominent black leaders knowingly or unknowingly subscribe to this same notion through respectability politics (see Bill Cosby, Stephen A. Smith, etc.). Both are wrong, but it gives more nuance to why black leaders supported the Crime Bill. (This article paints a better picture of black leaders’ relationship to the bill: “Clinton Bends On Crime Bill, Angers Some Blacks In Congress.”)

Here is where black liberalism comes into play. It plays up Hillary Clinton’s involvement in getting the bill passed without holding black leaders to fire or even Bernie Sanders. In Michelle Alexander’s argument she quoted Hillary Clinton using such phrases as “super predator” and “bring them to hill.” It was racially charged rhetoric and enough to paint Hillary Clinton as a racist. This was from a 1996 speech after the bill passed. In addition, the term “super predator” should be cited to a study that wrongly predicted a surge in crime. Hillary Clinton should be held responsible for her involvement in mass incarceration, as any other presidential candidate should. But the level to which she should be held accountable should be limited. Still Black Liberals took it and ran with it, spreading misinformation with white liberal support. “Did you know she called black men thugs?” “Why would you vote for her? She doesn’t like black people?”

The biggest factor that is often overlooked in Michelle Alexander’s critique of Bill Clinton’s passing of the Crime Bill was how much each individual state was involved in mass incarceration. Michelle Alexander heavily implied that Bill Clinton was the major influence in the increase in mass incarceration. But there’s a huge difference between federal and state prisons. Before the Crime Bill passed, about half of the states had some portion of the bill already enacted. In addition, federal incarceration wasn’t as high as it is purported to be under the Clinton administration. Therefore, Bill Clinton should be held responsible for doing what most politicians did and are still doing, using crime as a marketing ploy/political move. Criticism of the bill on a federal level is warranted, but it should be limited in comparison to the state level.

Coded sexism hidden by Demi-God politics.

So, why are black liberals placing all of the blame on Hillary? Well, she’s running for president. But still, why is she taking the majority of the blame? Bernie Sanders actually voted for this bill. The answer—coded sexism.

Besides the usual “she doesn’t smile enough” other phrases are used to describe Hillary Clinton as a liar or a flip-flopper while Bernie Sanders is painted as an altruistic hero. Even Michelle Alexander’s article spent a lot of time talking about Bill Clinton’s failures ignoring Hillary Clinton’s tenure as a lawyer, senator, Secretary of State or even involvement in civil rights movement before she married Bill Clinton. I’m sure she’s worthy of some criticism there.

It’s perfectly fine to vote for Bernie Sanders because you believe the current administration isn’t liberal enough. Yet, Black liberals place Barack Obama on an untouchable pedestal while condemning Hillary Clinton who played a vital role in his administration. This form of black liberalism would be more consistent in thought and logic if they were part of the equally offensive Obama Hate Coalition of Tavis Smilely and Cornel West. You can’t stand by Barack Obama (Benghazi, the use of drones, super PACs, Wall Street Ballout) and criticize Hillary Clinton for the same thing (Benghazi, the use of drones, super PACs, Wall Street Ballout). Is black patriarchy that important to you that you have to stand behind Barack Obama even though you disagree with his policies? Or are you just a hypocrite? Even then, Bernie Sanders deserves to be in the same circle of criticism. His stance on certain issues has only recently “evolved.”

Sexism Breaded In Conspiracy Theory

This leads me to another point—sexism breaded in conspiracy. The post prominent conspiracy theory is that Hillary Clinton is behind the ascension of Donald Trump. Never mind the fearmongering the Republican party has been doing since 2008. Never mind the idiotic ascension of such political imbeciles like Sarah Palin, Ben Carson and Bobby Jindal. Never mind the rise of the Tea Party and Birthers. Never mind that Donald Trump has been on this act since 2008. Oh, and let’s forget all of the roles Hillary Clinton has had in government before her presidential bid. …yeah…let’s forget all that.

Arrogant Know-It-Alls.

How did we Negros become so easily wooed by the Clintons? Michelle Alexander seems to think it’s because Bill Clinton was the first white politician to reach out to black folks politically. Sounds reasonable, but it isn’t substantive considering how previous presidential candidates like the Kennedys and Nixon used the black vote for political clout. The black community’s allegiance to the Clinton isn’t as vain as shades and a jazzy tune on a black late night show. This is THE MOST offensive belief portrayed by Black Liberals. It paints a picture of black people as simpletons that lack political depth. Bill Clinton wasn’t and still isn’t our political Pied Piper. Under Bill Clinton’s administration, black people received significant economic and political advancement (black income grew 25% and a significant amount of black leaders were appointed to his cabinet), which is more than him just showing up for black people. Even when judging Hillary, you have to consider her role in running legal clinics and investigating juvenile imprisonment and segregation in schools. Sayings like, “I wish my people would wake up” proves Black Liberals disdain for black folks who do not think like them. This is white liberal racism. BUT WORST! Not just because it’s coming from black folks. But because it perpetuates the idea that black people are not allowed to be people with diverse train of thoughts and beliefs. You CANNOT tell us what to think just because we share a historical lineage. Your train of thought is not the only one allowed in the spectrum of what it means to be political and Black in America.

Bratty Disengagement

It is perfectly fine to disagree with another person’s political belief. It’s perfectly fine for a black person to support Bernie Sanders. It’s also perfectly fine for a black person to support Hillary Clinton. Just remember that regardless of who wins the nomination, to stay engaged in the political process. This election isn’t a decision of choosing between two lesser evils, but rather a decision of choosing which candidate can work in the best interest of ALL Americans. I see many people complain and passively say they’re not voting because they don’t have their perfect candidate of choice. NEWS FLASH!!! You may never have your perfect candidate of choice. Protest within reason. Donate to your cause. Vote in the mid-term election. Become more active in your community. And least of all, tweet Rosario Dawson and tell her to run the Democrat’s presidential nominee’s twitter campaign. DO SOMETHING! Regardless, the more open we are to differing political views, the more push there will be for the best possible solution to solve the problems of our communities. To quote President Obama:

The danger, whether for Democrats or Republicans, is in a closed-loop system where everybody is just listening to the people who agree with them, and that anybody who suggests there is another point of view … well, then you must be a sellout or you must be corrupted or you must be on the take or what have you. That is not, I think, useful … If you don’t get everything you want, it’s not always because the person. It may just be because in our system, you end up taking half loaves.


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