A Black Person’s Guide To Fighting Trump

Say it with me, Donald Trump is our next president. Give yourself five seconds to digest and accept that. Now, I know, your immediate reaction was to run for the Canadian border. But that’s not the right move. Really, how many woes (whoadies if you’re from New Orleans) are there really chillin’ in the 6? […]

Why Black Barbershops Ain’t Shit

The concept of the black barbershop being the center of black male-bonding is a popular mantra within black culture. This phenomenon has been captured through pop culture through the Barbershop movie series and even news segments where news anchors frivolously try to understand Black folk within a 5-minute segment. You want to know what’s happening […]

Dear Colin Kaepernick, Stand Your Ass Up

Dear Colin Kaepernick, I recently watched a show called Queen Sugar on OWN, Oprah’s channel. Have you heard of it? It’s awesome! Anyway, there’s a character on that show that shows the complexity of activism in a modern world. Nova Bordelon, played by Rutina Wesley, is the eldest of her siblings and fits into all […]

How Chance The Rapper and D.R.A.M. Helped Me Find My #BlackBoyJoy

I attended a concert last month. Let me rephrase that. I went to participate in an experience last month. A joyous experience. There were puppets exclaiming “you don’t want no problems big fella” while also proclaiming “how great is our God” all within a two-hour time span. That experience was #blackboyjoy.

How I Was Almost Lena Dunham-ed

I was almost Lena Dunham-ed this weekend. If you don’t know who Lena Dunham is, Google “Lena Dunham and Odell Beckham.” Here’s my definition. Lena Dunham – (verb) when a white girl or someone else of privilege uses their white guilt to create a narrative for someone of lesser privilege. Used in a sentence: “Becky […]

How The Comedy In Survivor’s Remorse Makes Me Think

Thirty minute comedies often fall into two generic tropes—cheesy family-funny or slap-stick funny. And with Mike Epps as a part of the initial cast of Survivor’s Remorse, I was expecting either a “just another day in the life of Day Day” from Next Friday or a clumsy “I’m safe but not safe for the kids” […]