10 Biblical Characters & Christian Leaders Who Wish They Had A Condom

Preachers of Detroit Celebacy & Condoms

I am reality TV junkie, I watch everything from the family-friendly Welcome to Sweetie Pie to the ratchet and raw Love & Hip Hop. My DVR is set for each and every one of these shows, especially if the majority of the cast is black. (I like to call it reality show reparations.) So, of course, it’s only suiting that I watch Preachers of Detroit. A pastor handing out condoms in church–that’s some good television.

Many would think that passing out condoms in the church is blasphemous and outrageous. But if you look at the current statistic concerning HIV and aids in Atlanta alone (aka Black Mecca), you’ll understand why the church should take on a more realistic and active role talking about sex.

On Preachers of Detroit, Pastor Tim Alden‘s M.O. is spreading the message of celibacy. And this is great! He, himself, is a 50-year-old virgin. On the other hand, Pastor David Bullock believes that the path to righteousness is a process. He promotes the use of condoms. And I agree with him also. But where I disagree with Pastor Tim is his proclamation that no sex before marriage is the only safe sex. WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! This is a dangerous statement. Yes, no sex before marriage is a from of safe sex, but it IS NOT the only way to have safe sex.

You see talking about sex and sexuality is still a taboo subject in the black church. Yet, the number of children born out of wedlock are the highest among black folk and the number of those affected by HIV are the highest among black folk too. And on top of that, we are still the most religious demographic in America. I can’t confirm that one set of data is related to the other. But I can make an educated guess that the church isn’t being totally honest and upfront to its members when it comes to sex.

The church is failing when it comes to sex. Sex should be an open discussion in the pulpit. This includes not just passing out condoms, but discussing how to properly use them. (No more bursting condoms.) And also discussing what is a healthy sexual relationship. (Women, sex shouldn’t be a chore. And there are health benefits to sex.)

I know a lot people are going to rebuke this post and ask, “Where in the Bible did God approve the use of condoms and encourage pre-marital sex?” To which I’ll respond, “Where in the Bible does it say EVERYONE was a virgin before getting married?” Sure, I may be able to walk the path of celibacy, but to ignore or shun others who are not would be very self righteous and hypocritical of me. So, to help relieve your pious, sexual frustration, here’s a list of Biblical characters/Christian leaders who would need or has needed a condom if they lived or are living in the 21st century:

1. David

2.The woman at the well

3. Bishop Noel L. Jones…Stacy Francis…and his current “friend” Loretta…. (Google it.)

Wendy Williams Sip Tea

4. Deitrick Haddon (Google it again.)

5. Pastor Jamal Bryant (Watch his testimony.)

6. Eddie Long (Ummm…yeah.)

Prince Side-Eye

7. The woman at the well

8. Samson…and Delilah

9. Jacob. (11 sons!!! That’s a lot of chirren! Pull-out game WEAK!)

10. And every male character in The Bible with multiple wives. (I wonder how they kept their situation sanitized back then.)

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